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Study in Canada: Low Tuition Medical Universities Schools in Canada, 2020/2021.

Do you wish to study medicine in Canada in an affordable medical school? Then, check out this list of low tuition Medical Universities in Canada.

The competition to study medicine in Canada is very keen so it is important that applicants ensure that they fully meet the entry requirements of each faculty of medicine to which they apply.

Low Tuition/free tuition medical schools in Canada/Affordable Medical Universities (Schools) in Canada

Before we begin, you should note a few things.

As an International prospective medical student planning to get into Medical University in Canada, you should keep in mind that

  • Not all faculties/schools of medicine accept applications from foreign students.
  • Some faculties of medicine have contracts with foreign governments or institutions to accept applications for “supernumerary” positions.
  • The conditions of admission may require that the faculty of medicine will be compensated for the entire cost of medical education, the student will not apply for post-MD (residency) training in Canada and these graduates will return to their countries of origin to practice medicine..

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Maybe you are a non-Canadian attracted to the strong education system in Canada, with six of the schools ranked in the top 100 in the world by Times Higher Education, which gives graduates tremendous freedom to practice internationally.

Or you may be attracted to the low cost of attending Canadian schools. Whichever it is, here are a few lists of some very high ranking universities in Canada. To start with, we list all medical schools in Canada in terms of affordability.

Low Tuition/Affordable Medical Universities (Schools) in Canada.

Because there is really no free of charge higher educational institution for foreigners in Canada, you can only find a place with a lower cost compared to other universities. The tuition is not free, of course, but they can be affordable.

1.) University of Alberta (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry).

2.) University of Regina (School of Medicine).

3.) University of Calgary (Cumming Medical School).

4.) University of British Columbia (Medical School).

5.) Athabasca University (School of Medicine).

6.) University of Manitoba (College of Medicine).

7.) Memorial University of Newfoundland (Faculty of Medicine).

8.) Dalhousie University (Faculty of Medicine).

9.) McMaster University (Medical School).

10.) Royal Road University.

11.) Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

12.) Queen’s University (School of Medicine).

13.) Western University (Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry).

14.) University of Ottawa (Faculty of Medicine).

15.) University of Toronto (Faculty of Medicine).

16.) Laval University (Faculty of Medicine).

17.) McGill University (Faculty of Medicine).

18.) University of Montreal (School of Medicine).

19.) University of Sherbrooke (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences).

20.) University of Saskatchewan (College of Medicine).

Some of the Best on the List of Medical Schools in Canada

Selectively, the following universities in Canada are not just best ranking but are also known to be among the best in offering medical training.

1.) The University of British Columbia (Medical School).

2.) The University of Alberta (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry).

3.) University of Calgary (Cumming Medical School).

4.) University of Saskatchewan (Faculty of Medicine).

5.) Manitoba University (Faculty of Medicine).

6.) Northern Ontario Medical School.

7.) Western University (Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry).

8.) McMaster University (Medical School).

9.) The University of Toronto (Medical School).

10.) Queen’s University in Kingston (Medical School).

Applicants into any of these universities should plan to meet all academic prerequisites, but it is also important to respect all deadline dates. In general, an application or documentation is ignored when received after deadline dates. The incomplete application files are evaluated and rejected.

Medical course in Canada is a 3 to a 5-years program, depending on Universities and the background of each student. For a 5 years medical study program in Canada, the first year is a preparatory year and designed for those students without a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate scientific field.

We hope this list has proven to be helpful in your study abroad journey. Possibly can help you find your need ‘Free tuition medical schools in Canada’ or if not free but low tuition medical schools in Canada. Do not forget to place your comments, suggestions, in the comment section.

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